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Public Safety 

The citizens of the Central District deserve to live in a secure community, with safe schools and workplaces. As a retired Major with the Newport News Sheriff Office and President of the Newport News Police Foundation, I realize the way we are going to improve public safety is to continue to strongly support Sheriff Morgan, Chief Drew, Chief Rogers, Commonwealth Attorney Gwynn, and all members of our public safety team in their efforts to keep our community safe and thriving. I will also advocate for our police officers, deputy sheriffs, and firefighters by fighting to ensure they are the highest paid and best trained public safety professionals on the Peninsula.


Join me and become part of strengthening Newport News public safety.

Public Schools 

I will show my support for our public schools by paying our teachers what they deserve, investing in safety measures, and assisting with a comprehensive engagement program focused on our families and community partners. This approach will ensure that all students have access to a safe, quality education, which will set them up for future success no matter if they decide to enroll in college, learn a skilled trade, enlist in the military, or enter the workforce. Our schools are going to play a pivotal role in the success and safety of our community, and I pledge my full support to the School Board, Dr. Mitchell, and the dedicated team of educators and support staff that make up our award-winning school system. 


Join me and become part of strengthening Newport News public safety.

Economic Development

The Central District is the business hub of Newport News and the Peninsula. My plan is to support and enhance business growth in our district by streamlining local regulations on businesses, implementing programs to support small businesses, such as providing access to technical assistance and networking opportunities. We will also collaborate with Newport News Public Schools, The Peninsula Workforce Council, New Horizons Technical Center, and local unions to ensure that our students and residents have the skills needed for the available skilled trade jobs in our community. I will continue to support efforts to highlight and promote our district's unique assets and strengths, such as cultural attractions, natural resources, and industry clusters to attract tourists and new businesses. 


Join me and become part of supporting Newport News economic development.

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